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Drinking Man’s Diet

CulinartMedia to release app of bestselling Drinking Man’s Diet for the iPad Cameron & Company has partnered with CulinartMedia to launch a mobile version of its bestselling cookbook, Drinking Man’s Diet. The app will feature over 100 low-carbohydrate recipes along with cocktail pairings, including a video with well-known comedian Allan Sherman singing his rendition of the Drinking Man’s Diet. Finally an app that brings together recipes, cocktails and song and puts the “fun” back in the kitchen!

“We are delighted to have finally found a fellow publisher with the technical and publishing know-how to create an app that will do justice to our Drinking Man’s Diet,” declared Chris Gruener, Publisher of Cameron & Company.
Each recipe features nutritional information, step-by-step photography and helpful tips and photos of ingredients. The app provides innovative functions, including menu and invitation creation, a favorite section, in-built timer, automatic emailing and social networking of recipe and shopping lists, ability to add notes to recipes and an automatic ingredient calculator, making it easy to adjust quantities based on servings. It’s that easy! From A-Z, this app features easy-to-follow recipes from appetizers to seafood and meats, to soups and salads and vegetables and even desserts, too.

The collaboration between CulinartMedia and Cameron & Company also allows the sharing of content, design, photography and film and extends to the teams marketing of the app, which includes internet promotions, social media, PR and print media advertising.

Drinking Man’s Diet
Available on the App Store

Feature Highlights:

  • Over 100 low-carb recipes with nutritional content, all illustrated with photography
  • Ingredient descriptions with tips and photography
  • Built-in timer
  • Menu planner, list of favorites and shopping list generation
  • Ingredient calculator based on number of servings
  • Social media links, including Facebook and email
  • Video featuring comedian Allan Sherman
  • Ability to add notes to recipes
  • Creation and generation of invitations to events

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Compatible with iOS 5 and earlier versions
  • 200 MB
Available on the App Store